Dvision and Bluzelle Partnership in VR

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Bluzelle enters into a partnership with Dvision Network to integrate its Price Feeds and Decentralized Database solutions.

We are super excited to announce that we are partnering with the leading Virtual reality-based NFT player, Dvision Network. This partnership will enable exploring multiple facets by synergistically cooperating to drive increased utility.

Dvision Network is on a mission to create a comprehensive VR content ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs to their maximum potential. It allows the trading of VR items seamlessly. It employs NFTs to safeguard the value of the assets, reinforcing an on-chain stamp of ownership.

Nuances of the Bluzelle and Dvision Network Partnership

Under the purview of this partnership, Bluzelle will be providing its decentralized oracles to Dvision Network to drive increased accuracy. Dvision Network will be employing the oracles to calculate the transaction fees in the VR-Market accurately and reliably. Bluzelle price data fees will extract accurate data that will allow seamless trading of VR items and NFT-specific assets without the problem of price fluctuations.

The Dvision Network’s smart contracts will integrate Bluzelle oracles to access the most reliable sources of data and high-quality price feeds. One of the Bluzelle oracles’ striking features is that it ensures statistical analysis on a prior price to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data provided. This allows in building a paramount level of trust.

This partnership will also allow Dvision Network to utilize Bluzelle’s decentralized and secure database storage solutions. A current problem that can be massive is where the NFTs are actually stored. Thus far the data and files related to the NFT are on a centralized server like AWS or MongoDB. Now if those services go down, the NFT could be lost. The ownership deed is still on the blockchain, but what about the content? Bluzelle will be ...

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