Easy, sleek, and user-friendly: Everex Rolls Out Improved Wallet UI

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Sending, receiving, and accessing funds should be as easy as reciting the alphabet — this has been our mantra since Everex’s inception.

We kept this in mind when we developed an improved and more user-friendly interface for the Everex wallet. The latest iteration to the wallet’s UI and UX will provide a smoother experience for users who are not necessarily tech-savvy or know too much about the inner workings of crypto. We did this by refurbishing the platform’s design to offer a more banking-oriented experience to users to provide a more familiar interface. Everex was made for everyone, after all!

So, what changes have been made to the interface?

Identifiers to keep track of your transactions

Users using the Everex wallet to purchase digital assets like stablecoins can now track their previous transactions in the ‘History’ dashboard, with deposits and withdrawals being clearly marked with order numbers and country icons to ensure that users know the origin or destination of their transactions and make it easier to sort and reference them.

‘History’ dashboard

In addition, users sending funds to other users can now add private notes and optional descriptions in the ‘Send’ section as they see fit, which is great for individuals who wish to keep track of their expenditures or entrepreneurs who need to take note of their cash flow for accounting purposes. So, for example, if a transaction was conducted to pay for certain goods or services, the sender can add a description for their own reference on top of making sure that the recipient is aware of what the transfer is for.

We truly understand that many of our users seek to keep track of their transactions, hence why we feel that this feature will be a useful addition to the platform. On top of using these descriptions for accounting purposes, ...

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