Eating Milestones for Breakfast

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In January, consistent action yielded great results.

We’d promised ourselves to come out guns blazing this year. (Not that we actually went outside much).

As we want to be the best music research and analytics service out there, we’ve rolled out a couple of upgrades that will make any music professional’s work a bit easier.

🔬 What we focused on:

Consistently upgrading the overall UX.

Creating new tools is exciting, but we also take care to steadily improve existing features. No strategy is effective if you don’t consider the users and evolve along with them for maximum effect.

🥋 What we accomplished:

#1 Introduced Spotify analytics and charts

Every artist on Spotify is examined and ranked according to their streaming performance, audience stats, Spotify playlist reach, and overall Spotify score. The charts can also be sorted by the artist’s home country and music genre.

Miha went into more detail here:

Spotify Analytics: Evaluate Artists, Track Playlists, and Get Insights

#2 Upgraded the entire platform experience

This ranged from smaller “facelifts” such as color adaptation, to larger updates such as optimized map functionalities, redesigned displays (grid and list view) for artist stats, menu upgrades, and expanded analytics features.

We also improved “Learn with Viberate”, the knowledge archive of our platform, featuring the timeline of our regular webinars and handy industry guides. The findings from one of our articles about streaming services were recently included in this (Spanish) article on the economics of song licensing.

Canciones "número 1", la inversión más rentable

💡 What we learned:

This month’s nugget of wisdom came from the design department, but it can be applied to pretty much anything.

If you take the time to dig into a subject, the “cool” will happen as a side effect.

From seemingly small actions, big results can happen — and we’re already excited to tackle February....

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