Einsteinium Community Spotlight – AtomicDEX Stress Test

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Einsteinium Community Spotlight - AtomicDEX Stress Test

Einsteinium is joining Komodo for the greatest stress test of all time. We’ll release more details about the event later this week, but first, let’s preview what Einsteinium is currently working on and highlight the shared vision of our two projects.

Reminder: Registration for the stress test is now open. Download AtomicDEX and sign up for your chance to win $500 in EMC2. We'll also have prizes in KMD, QTUM, FIRO, and other coins throughout the event.

Earn Free EMC2

Einsteinium is one of six projects that will be participating in the AtomicDEX Stress Test. Users will be able to earn free EMC2 and other coins by trading testnet coins on AtomicDEX.

If you haven’t done so already, register early for the stress test to boost your odds of winning prizes. Stay tuned to the Komodo blog and social media channels as we announce the Einsteinium time slot for the swap event and livestream later this week.

Einsteinium + Komodo: 2 Open-Source Community-Focused Projects

EMC2 and KMD are both community currencies. This means that, for both of our projects, the community plays a major role in shaping technology initiatives and marketing efforts.

We're both committed to giving back to our respective communities. Einsteinium is funding cutting-edge scientific research with EMC2. Similarly, Komodo provides opportunities for community contributors to earn KMD through developer bounties and events like the AtomicDEX Stress Test. Komodo recently rewarded 7 volunteers with 777 KMD each based on their contributions over the past year.

Alexander Lucaci, Founder of EMC2 Foundation commented,

"EMC2 is about the continued support and dissemination of science and technology. AtomicDEX is an example of a new technology which offers our community a highly improved and safe experience through the use of a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized exchange and EMC2 wants to be ...

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