Elemental — enabling energy retailers to join the sustainability movement

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Elemental — enabling energy retailers to join the sustainability movement

Today I am delighted to finally share with you some updates on the developments that will help WePower broaden our global impact on the transition towards a fully sustainable future.

Three years ago, we set out on a mission to remove the obstacles that were preventing anyone and everyone from using renewable energy and to make advances in the transition towards a fully sustainable future.

The most straightforward way to accomplish a sustainable future is by directly contributing to the further development of increasing capacity for the generation of renewable energy. Due to the significant drop in prices of renewable energy generation (-82% photovoltaic solar, -39% onshore wind, and -29% offshore wind since 2010), this is no longer wishful thinking, but a substantial economic opportunity, changing the dynamics of the entire energy market.

We decided to work with corporates from the outset in order to help more companies buy renewable energy in the easiest possible way. Companies already account for two thirds of global energy consumption, and most of these companies are looking for ways to make their activities more sustainable whilst driving down their costs.

We started out by creating an online platform that enables companies to:

  • clearly understand their energy consumption
  • use the respective data to find the best renewable energy projects that match their needs
  • easily procure energy with fully digitised, streamlined agreements
  • manage their energy portfolio based on the changes in their energy needs
  • have full transparency on where their power comes from

Until now, WePower has operated as a platform that connects companies directly to renewable energy generators looking to sign financial contracts or so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Following on from this, we have added additional products for buyers to construct their PPA portfolios and products for the physical delivery of ...

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