Enigma Development Update — March 2020

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Enigma Development Update — March 2020

Progress on “secret contract” integration, wallet and governance updates, and SafeTrace: privacy-preserving contact tracing.

Hello to the Enigma community! What follows is a recap of important development updates from the past month. For those who have been following our weekly updates on the developers forum, much of this progress may look familiar — but there’s some new information as well!

As you may know, the Enigma team and community recently launched a mainnet blockchain using the Cosmos SDK. Since then, our development team has made significant progress toward integrating “secret contract” functionality with the Enigma network, which will allow smart contracts to use private and sensitive data as inputs. We’re excited to see things moving forward at a fast pace!

The Big Dipper | Cosmos Block Explorer by Forbole

Joining the Cosmos ecosystem has been a great opportunity to collaborate with innovative projects like CosmWasm and to participate in initiatives like IBC. This technical direction has also allowed us to focus on what we do best — building privacy solutions — and work towards our ultimate vision: bringing privacy to every blockchain.

Read on for more updates on our development work, products, and more!

Enigma + CosmWasm

Warning: somewhat technical :)

After launching a testnet with a built-in smart contract module, our dev team has been focused on compiling CosmWasm to SGX. This process has definitely been challenging. CosmWasm uses wasmer.io which is a JIT compiler, but SGX doesn’t support writing machine code to RWX memory and invoking it from there. We are shifting towards adding wasmi as a VM backend in CosmWasm. The wasm interpreter is enclave friendly, but CosmWasm is tightly integrated with Wasmer. Read more in this dev forum post.

(Dev discussion/Issue) WASM implementation

Assaf and Tom successfully executed wasmi inside an SGX enclave, and they managed to invoke Rust userspace functions in ...

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