Enjin Welcomes Caleb Applegate as Chief Operating Officer

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Meet the newest addition to the Enjin leadership team who will help bring our company vision to life.

At Enjin, our mission is to radically transform gaming by bringing real-life economies to virtual worlds.

As we continue to advance our ecosystem and develop products and solutions to bring this vision to life, we are pleased to welcome Caleb Applegate to the Enjin team as Chief Operating Officer.

A successful entrepreneur and established business leader, Caleb has more than a decade of operations and consulting experience and a proven track record of helping companies across industries grow and achieve their organizational goals and business objectives. He has consulted and worked closely with leaders in the gaming, entertainment, and digital spaces.

You may already be familiar with Caleb’s gaming company, Mineplex, which is one of the world’s largest Minecraft gaming servers and an official Minecraft partner. While he will remain involved as a co-owner of Mineplex, Caleb has transitioned out of his day-to-day duties to assume the role of COO at Enjin.

In addition to business and consulting, Caleb has worked on numerous development projects, films, and commercial productions as a Hollywood-based film producer. His first feature film, Dear Eleanor, was acquired and distributed by Sony Pictures.

Regardless of the industry or endeavor, Caleb brings a laser-focus on goals, objectives, and measurable results to all of his work—a theme that will continue in his role with Enjin.

“I’m thrilled to join the Enjin team in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer. As we move forward with the advancement of the Enjin ecosystem, our team’s ingenuity, innovation, and focus have become a strong basis from which we are pursuing many exciting opportunities. It’s an amazing time to be a part of such a strong, pioneering company.”
— Caleb Applegate, Enjin COO

Achieving the Enjin mission and bringing ...

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