EOSIO™ Quickstart Web IDE: Start Building on EOSIO in Minutes

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Getting started with a new technology always poses challenges. There are often new languages, development patterns to learn, and hardware prerequisites to meet for setting up a development environment. Blockchain development in particular has certain resource requirements that must be met to run a full node, replay a chain, or test smart contracts. These issues present obstacles for new developers who are interested in exploring blockchain technology. As EOSIO grows, we are working to create new tools and libraries that make EOSIO development faster, easier, and more accessible to developers around the world.

To that end, a significant goal of our engineering effort is to make it possible for anyone to rapidly deploy their blockchain projects with EOSIO software. The EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE reduces barriers to entry for new developers, so they can get started in minutes, share, and collaborate on EOSIO projects.

Currently, building on EOSIO entails a multistep setup process, and a powerful computer to run a full blockchain node. For anyone just getting started, this process begins with installing and configuring EOSIO. After, EOSJS must be installed and configured for developing web applications. It is often difficult to establish a clear workflow as these processes take many steps consisting of numerous components. There is also the issue of computing power; to run a full node requires a computer with at least 16GB of ram, although 32GB or more is recommended, enormous amounts of disk space, and a fast CPU.

Reducing Obstacles for Blockchain Developers

EOSIO 2 introduces alpha support for the EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE, a one-click web-based IDE that runs in a browser and is designed to radically simplify the developer experience. With this new tool, all it takes to start building is a single click to launch a fully functional EOSIO development environment in a browser.

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