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Hard on the heels of our announcement that the ETC Cooperative are applying to join Hyperledger and that we are funding ETC support for the Hyperledger Besu codebase (and ongoing maintenance of that), we are also delighted to announce that we are applying to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

We are committed to participating in maintenance of Ethereum software within the collaborative open source workflows which the Linux Foundation has built up over decades.

We see ETC as part of the broader Ethereum ecosystem, not as something apart. While the philosophies of the #Ethereum and #EthereumClassic communities differ, the protocols and implementations are near identical, and collaboration there is pragmatic.

The EEA is an industry body driving for better specification of the #EthereumStack. With the announcement of the Mainnet Initiative the scope of that has explicitly been extended to cover permissionless as well as permissioned use-cases. We want to help in that vital mission.

Standards should be modular. There are many Ethereum networks, both public and private. Not just ETH. Not just ETC. We all share these needs, and intend to do our part within the Coop to drive forward this technology for the benefit of all. Getting past tribalism.

This is a multi-year mission for me personally, going back to 2016, and starting before the DAO fork divided us into two camps. See Cats and Dog Can Be Friends and Ethereum Everywhere. I was the Co-Lead Architect for the EEA during the launch period and then served as the Vice-Chair of the Technical Steering Committee until October 2017.

Me speaking at the EEA launch event, with Shahan, co-Founder of PegaSys in the background.

I believe there is huge potential for synergy in collaboration between these ecosystems. I understand that these moves will not be universally popular, but the ETC Cooperative and I ...

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