ETC Summit 2019 Agenda Announced

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The third annual Ethereum Classic Summit is now less than a month away and excitement is mounting! The event will be held in Vancouver, Canada on October 3rd and 4th. Tickets are free of charge and can be reserved at

I am delighted to shared the near-final agenda here.

We will have keynotes by Anthony Lusardi, Afri Schoedon, Michael Sonnenshein, Sunny Aggarwal, Virgil Griffith and (newly announced) the legendary Charles Hoskinson!

Anthony Lusardi, Independent
Afri Schoedon, ETC Hardfork Coordinator
Michael Sonnenshein, Grayscale
Sunny Aggarwal, Cosmos / Tendermint
Virgil Griffith, Ethereum Foundation
Charles Hoskinson, IOHK

These keynotes will provide an overview of the ETC ecosystem from Anthony, cover the Atlantis hardfork and future roadmap from Afri, detail investment tools for ETC from Michael, provide observations from Sunny’s “fan’s eye view” and explore opportunities for positive sum games between Ethereum and ETC from Virgil.

The mining panel, with speakers from Bitmain, Linzhi and Alex Tsankov should be a real highlight too, along with talks from each of the individuals.

Please do join us in Vancouver for the latest on Ethereum Classic!

The full agenda can be seen below, or downloaded from

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