ETC support in Hyperledger Besu

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I am very happy to announce that the ETC Cooperative are funding ChainSafe to implement Ethereum Classic support for the Hyperledger Besu codebase, so that we will have an additional choice of client software for ETC in the near future.

Hyperledger Besu (formerly known as Pantheon) is a Apache 2.0 licensed, enterprise-grade Java codebase developed by the PegaSys protocol engineering team, a spoke at ConsenSys over the last two years. It is compliant with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) specification, ETH mainnet compatible, and supports Ethash, Clique and IBFT2 consensus.

It was contributed to Hyperledger just a few weeks ago and will now be maintained collectively within that Linux Foundation collaboration workflow.

I was delighted to see PegaSys contribute Besu to Hyperledger, because it achieves a goal which I was personally striving for over 3 years ago!

I hosted an Open Source Blockchain Meetup in May 2016 at OSCON where I first met Brian Behlendorf and began my multi-year quest to bring the Ethereum and Hyperledger communities closer.

See also Ethereum Everywhere and Bob’s New Adventure for more history.

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