Ethos Token Rebrand to Voyager Token (VGX) FAQ

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Ethos Token Rebrand to Voyager Token (VGX) FAQ

We’ve announced that we’ll be re-branding the Ethos Token to the Voyager Token.

Here is an FAQ to answer your most burning questions!

Why did the team decide to rebrand to Voyager?

We felt that the message was too confusing for a native broker token to be called anything other than the name of the platform it was meant for. We’ve seen other platforms and exchanges have great success with native tokens in the crypto space and we felt that Voyager was the right platform to focus on given the enthusiasm the community had around the trading platform. 

What will happen to my ETHOS tokens?

Nothing except you are now the proud owner of Voyager Tokens! These tokens will continue to maintain their existing functionality within the Ethos Universal Wallet and other applications. We recommend that you hold your tokens on either the Ethos Universal Wallet or Voyager Trading Application as both platforms will be supporting the rebrand effort.

What will happen to other places the token is listed?

Other platforms will not have to change anything except the branding and ticker of the token. We are actively working with the 100+ places that the token is currently listed to have each of them support the rebrand effort.

What is the new name and ticker?

Voyager Token (VGX). 

Where can I purchase the token?...

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