European Commission announces ‘OntoChain’, with iExec as key partner in €6 million funded EU…

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European Commission announces ‘OntoChain’ project with iExec as key partner

The European Commission has announced the €6 million funding of ‘OntoChain’. The project is part of the European Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. Being one of 7 core partners, iExec brings expertise in blockchain and confidential computing.


An introduction to Ontology

“What’s air quality like in Madrid today?”

“How long does it take to drive to Paris?”

“What is the price of BTC in USD?”

These are the types of questions we have become quite used to asking our virtual assistants, be it Google, Siri, or any other service. But how are the responses generated? They are all based on ‘Ontology’ services. Ontology is a set of techniques that tell us the representation, standardized naming, and definitions of concepts, and how different concepts relate to each other. These categorizations are essential in building the foundations for the future generation of interoperable technologies.

iExec selected by European Commission to help create a software ecosystem for the Next-Generation Internet

As part of the enterprise development updates promised in September and October, iExec is excited to share that the European Commission has announced the ‘OntoChain’ project with iExec as a key partner. In September, the commission announced the €6million funding of OntoChain, as part of the European Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative.

OntoChain marries the worlds of the Semantic Web and Blockchain to deliver a new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable, and transparent ontological knowledge management. iExec is one of seven core partners from all over Europe who have been working for almost a year to see this idea become a reality. Being the only partner with extensive experience in blockchain and trusted computation, iExec will now be able to play a significant role in academic and industrial research towards future technology ...

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