Everex US receives Money Service Business license

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Everex US receives a MSB license

From the desk of Anna Vladi, COO Everex US

On August 13, 2019 NJ Department of Banking and Insurance issued us full Money Transmitter License with the ability to conduct the following activities:

  • Crypto-Fiat exchange peer 2 peer;
  • Crypto-Fiat exchange with US based exchanges (Coinbase, Kraken, etc.) on behalf of our clients;
  • Domestic payments using blockchain;
  • Peer-to-peer payments using blockchain;
  • Crypto-Fiat-Stable token transfers peer to peer domestically and internationally.

This license gives Everex full capacity to test its solutions in the US market with the above-mentioned use cases. Everex is building stablecoin based settlement platform for domestic and global payments, peer-to-peer money transfers, and currency exchange. Operating globally, with offices in the US and Southeast Asia, Everex is looking to provide comprehensive solution for the same day settlements using fiat pegged stablecoins of different currencies for individual and business users.

At this time Everex wallet supports DAI, a USD stable token issued by MakerDao; THBEX, a Thai Baht stable token issued by Krung Thai Bank (Thailand); and EVX, Everex’s native utility token. Everex is currently in the process of adding other stablecoins and digital assets to its list of supported currencies.

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Anna Vladi

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