Everex Wallet Adds Euro-Backed Stablecoin Support. Re-opens Euro-Asian Withdrawals.

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Everex Wallet Re-opens Euro-Asian Withdrawals With Newly Added EUC Token.

The Everex team is happy to announce that we now are restoring users’ ability to cash out funds in the EU and selected Asian countries, such as Thailand and Myanmar, using newly added EUC token — now supported by the Everex wallet! Travelers, students, crypto enthusiasts, and business people can now cash in and out between fiat currencies and stablecoins. The conversion between the Euro and EUC is free. Users can also conduct affordable P2P transfers to and from the European Union.

Making P2P fund transfers more seamless for users in the EU and Asia

Those seeking to withdraw cash from their European accounts can now do so by simply converting Euros to EUC token at no cost using Everex in-wallet payment gateway and then withdrawing the funds in any supported fiat currency. Likewise, users can directly settle Euro transactions without the need to go through US Dollar-pegged coins like DAI or USDC.

EUC can also be used as a way for those outside the EU to send funds home or pay for European goods and services without having to use mainstream remittance service providers. Users simply need to add EUC in Everex wallet and transfer them to another user’s wallet in Europe who can then withdraw EUC for Euros at no charge.

Not only are users able to move funds to and from the EU, Euro holders can also access peer-to-peer lending platforms which will allow them to contribute to a lending pool or take out a loan. More information about Everex’s DeFi services can be found here.

Get a hold of us

For any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at team@everex.io or visit our website. Everex app is available for iPhone and in Google Play Store.

Everex Wallet Adds Euro-Backed Stablecoin Support. ...

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