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Check out any festival’s popularity, lineup strength and other highlights in this handy tool.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a music festival enthusiast. Hello, friend! 👋 Whether you’re a festival organizer, promotor, or an artist creating their “bucket list” of future gigs, you’ll find our latest update very handy.

Festival charts ranking thousands of music festivals

Only on Viberate can you easily overview thousands of festivals in one place.

The three main parameters for ranking are a festival’s overall online popularity, how strong its lineup is (which artists have been included in each festival edition and how influential they are), and the quality of their festival network (who they are connected to and get mentioned by on social media). Simply switch to each parameter to see how the rankings change.

Use filters to get even more specific results. Festival charts can also be sorted by country, prevailing music genres, festival size, month, and various highlights, such as their unique location (mountains, forests, cities …), family friendliness, etc.

The data examined goes back to 2018, so you’ll naturally see more details in the “pre-Covid” timeframe.

Get to know a festival through its analytics

For a more detailed look into a festival, click on it to check out its analytics.

These offer a visual overview of the festival, using various helpful metrics:

💪 “Festival Health” according to the festival’s lineup strength and industry connections, compared to other similarly ranked festivals in that genre

🎸 Genre distribution through time, showing how represented different music genres have been and how the festival’s focus has evolved.

🙌 Audience insights, showing where fans of the latest lineup artists are coming from, with gender and age insights for potential marketing use. The data includes fans and listeners from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

🕸️ Network insights into which artists and ...

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