Fighting climate crisis with NFTs: CENNZnet & CarbonClick hackathon

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What a week it has been for the CENNznet team! With the network’s NFT runtime module almost ready for mainnet it was the perfect opportunity to get our partners at CarbonClick involved in the journey.

Despite their trending reputation, on a Proof of Stake blockchain (like CENNZnet) NFTs offer an energy-efficient and agile way to help environmental focused projects like CarbonClick. But harnessing this brand new technology for the non-profit sector was going to be a novel challenge.

The result was a full day of hacking for the CENNZnet and CarbonClick dev teams. The aim, to create NFTs and blockchain infrastructure for the CarbonClick mission in just 8 hours! Here’s what was achieved:

Breifing the hackathon teams

The Hackathon Challenge

There were 2 distinct challenges the CarbonClick team were hoping to solve with NFTs:

  1. Raising funds and awareness for community groups engaging in local reforestation efforts.
  2. Building a transparent solution for selling community carbon credits on the blockchain.

But before the teams got underway CarbonClick also set up the CENNZnet’s first green Validator node. This developer node will be run by the CarbonClick team and all CPAY rewards earned will be distributed to green projects worldwide.

Team Kenya

Taking on the first challenge was Team Kenya. They set about building a solution for using NFTs to raise funds for the local Kenyan initiative: One Source of Victory Self Help Group. Among many other important community activities, the One Source of Victory group empowers youth groups in diversified activities including Environmental conservation. CarbonClick began funding them a few months ago, and their achievements have already been very impressive.

Using NFTs the team found a way to raise a constant stream of funding for the One Source of Victory group and which can be applied to other similar local projects.

The solution:

  • The team ...

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