Final Alpha Release for IOTA Streams

IOTA Foundation adds IOTA Streams to its growing product portfolio; reaching new levels for data sharing, security and control on connected devices.

Authors: Mathew Yarger & Jonathan Shaffer

The IOTA Foundation is excited to announce the final release of the IOTA Streams Alpha!

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Today, we’re excited to announce the final Alpha release for IOTA Streams, an open-source DLT framework for decentralized data streaming and encryption on embedded systems.

IOTA Streams brings granular data access and sharing to connected devices and other IoT integrations. In essence, it gives data producers fine-grained control over who can access the data that they produce; whether from a mobile device, environment IoT sensor, connected vehicle, Industrial IoT solution, or something else.

This post will focus primarily on the vision for IOTA Streams. For a more technical explanation, you can read our recent posts about Streams here and here, as well as the documentation and newly-released specifications.

Chrysalis Phase 2 Integration

First off, why are we still in Alpha? Streams will remain in Alpha until it has transitioned to the Chrysalis phase 2 protocol upgrade. When updated for full feature compatibility, Streams will then transition to Beta.

What follows is an explanation of IOTA Streams, the problems it solves, and the novel use cases it enables.

Streams is all about data

Devices generating data create value. That value can only be captured if the data is protected. Waiting until data reaches the cloud introduces many security risks, including risks of data theft, manipulation and single points of failure. IOTA Streams was created to secure and structure data on the device itself. Using cryptography, tamper-proof historical verification, and data ordering on the Tangle, we can secure the value of data at the point of creation.

In our recent IOTA Access release we talked about the necessary balance ...

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