Find New Talent and New Insights With Beatport Charts

Our newest addition to Viberate analytics is a must for any Beatport enthusiast.

We’ve got two updates this round. The first one: Artist charts got a facelift. The left-hand side filters are now more prominent and easily navigated, making for a friendlier browsing experience.

The second upgrade is something designed specifically for the Beatport community: Beatport charts. Think Artist charts (they’re also conveniently placed next to each other in navigation, btw), but specialized for artists who release music on Beatport.

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Charts make discovery and evaluation simpler.

Charts are a pretty straightforward tool — the more popular an artist is, the higher they rank. But different sorting is where it gets interesting. Not every artist is consistently successful, or scores hits in one genre alone. Not to mention that each genre is usually a whole story in itself, and its popularity varies wildly from country to country.

We wanted to make this kind of “detailed” discovery and evaluation much easier.

Interested in the Belgian Garage Bassline Grime scene? We gotchu.

Our Beatport charts bring accurate and objective rankings.

Every artist’s popularity score is individually calculated based on their releases in a specific genre. The artists who chart highest are there because of their merit: they consistently release quality tracks that rank well on Beatport, and riding on a single popular track won’t bring them to the very top.

Similar to Artist charts, you can sort everyone by time, country, and genre. Genres are of course labeled as Beatport defines them.

If you sort by number of released tracks, you can see how many tracks each artist has released on Beatport, and evaluate their performance. For example, an artist who has released 50 tracks and charted with three is ...

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