Finishing December With Cool Updates to Remember

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Last round of 2020 tweaks includes upgrades to Beatport analytics and Genre insights

With the holiday season just around the corner, our “Santa’s workshop” was busy as ever. Sure, we wrapped up some presents to put under our office Christmas tree, but we also wrapped up a cool number of updates. Go check out our site and see if you notice anything different 😉

More on that later. Now, here are four important new features you should know about.

#1 Beatport analytics: see an Artist’s latest collab tracks and label releases, and compare their ranks

Beatport analytics for Artists have been upgraded with an easier overview of each Artist’s latest releases on a specific Label and their latest collabs with other Artists. This sorting allows for a quicker overview of their productivity and networking, and easier tracking of their most recent work.

That first date isn’t a glitch — once a track is available as a pre-order on Beatport, its official release date will be automatically entered into our analytics.

The track overview section now also shows how the Artist’s success in entering Beatport’s Top 100 charts compares to similarly ranked Artists (look for “average % of Tracks on Top 100 Charts”). This indicator will provide an additional frame of reference to your analysis.

UMEK’s example shows he’s doing quite well.

#2 Beatport Label analytics display each Artist’s most recent releases

To ensure an even quicker overview, the “Artists on the Label” section is further improved with listings of the latest tracks that each Artist has released on this Label.

1605’s example shows the chronological display, as well as listing the Artists’ most recent (and upcoming) collabs.

#3 New in Audience analytics: Monthly Streaming Audience City Map

Each Artist can examine where in the world their Spotify listeners and YouTube views are coming from. Both the list and ...

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