FunFair Games rocket-launches multiplayer debut AstroBoomers: To the Moon! in Betsson Group exclusive

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Pioneering content studio fires community Crash-style debut into the cosmos

FunFair Games has unveiled its first exhilarating real-money multiplayer title, AstroBoomers: To The Moon! with tier one operator Betsson Group agreeing an exclusive deal to take the innovative title across key brands until its network wide release in early May.

With planet earth under siege from blazing intergalactic meteors, this first-of-its kind release invites communities of like-minded players to escape to the moon in a rip-roaring rocket, with astronomical prizes of up to 2,500x won by those who jump to safety at the right time. 

Gamers can challenge their fellow astronauts’ nerves by staying onboard for as long as possible to claim maximum rewards, placing up to three bets per round for galactic wins, or strategically selecting the auto-eject options.

The groundbreaking release exemplifies the community-driven, multiplayer experiences which FunFair Games is pioneering and introducing to the casino sector, bringing social, active and simple gameplay to the real money gaming space.  

FunFair Games’ second multiplayer title, Wheel Of Steal, launches in June 2021 and will further challenge the status quo, bringing the thrill of community driven live casino games into the non live environment. 

AstroBoomers: To the Moon! will launch exclusively with the renowned global operator Betsson Group from April 26th, before making its hotly anticipated network-wide debut on May 11th.

Lloyd Purser, COO of FunFair Games, said: “We’re delighted to announce the lift-off of our exciting debut title, AstroBoomers: To the Moon!, which we think will be the undisputed king of crash games.  

“The simple yet compelling gameplay offers the kind of active and community-based experience demanded by a new generation of players and putting a fresh spin on the content available within today’s largely solitary slots sector.

“Slots ...

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