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Following on from our Q2 update, we followed up with an AMA (ask me anything) with our discord community. If you couldn’t make it then please find an edit of the summary below.

The below was kindly summarised by one of our valued community members!

Q: What funding methods will the fiat to crypto mechanism support? Bank transfer? Debit card? Credit card?

A: (Lloyd) Funding will be through debit and credit cards only to start with, bank transfer will follow but only in some markets not all.

Q: Will fiat to crypto be available in all FF legal jurisdictions?

A: (Lloyd) Yes outside of some, the main one being China (where there’s no fiat on ramp to crypto).

Q: When the need for separate ETH is removed, will players need to pay the equivalent in FUN when opening a session?

A: (Lloyd) No, the house will cover the cost of opening sessions.

 Q: What happens if the transaction takes too long – will there be a way of speeding it up as there is now?

 A: (Lloyd) No, the server is in control of this. We have quite a lot of experience with making sure our servers can get their transactions mined in a timely manner, including automatically increasing gas price, so I’m not expecting this to be an issue.

 Q: Any word on developing a pachinko type of game?

 A: (Geoff) We’ve had a play around with some ideas, but no definite plan yet. It’s a hard game to get right.


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