FunFair’s Q4 AMA Roundup

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Last week, the FunFair team conducted an AMA surrounding the most recent quarterly update, as well as all things FunFair. Looking both back and forward, towards a successful future.

The team introduction:

Tom: Hi all, we’re going to kick off in a moment, and thank you for all the queries submitted from Telegram, Reddit and Discord, I believe we have collated them all for answering today.

However, we are going to try something a bit different this quarterly update. We had noted that in the past while we wanted to make sure all the queries were answered, this tended to result in the FunFair team answering everything at once. And didn’t allow for any natural discussion, which is ultimately what we want to offer here.

As such, we are going to answer questions in sections today, for example, we have collated all the queries relating to the leadership changes and post the answers there and allow people to digest and perhaps dig a bit further if they like, or it may provide a new line of queries.

If we are comfortable there is nothing else we can move on to the wallet etc.
Topic: Leadership/Management.

Q1: Has the switch in leadership created any challenges/delays? How have the founders’ daily roles changed since the leadership change?

Can you provide a summary of the personnel changes made recently? We know Jeremy is now CEO and Stefan is no longer with the company – any other personnel changes?

Jeremy: There have been no other personnel changes, nor has the switch created any challenges or delays. The primary difference is that the L2 research projects that I’ve been working on have moved into the core team, under Oli’s management, whilst I’ve picked up ...

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