Gangnam Testnet Opens (ICON 2.0)

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Java SCORE Guidelines

Greeting ICONists,

We are excited to announce the launch of the Gangnam testnet and the guidelines below.

Gangnam testnet is powered by Goloop (ICON 2.0) and supports Java SCORE. Additionally, ICON 2.0 includes a Java virtual machine that enables Java SCORE, eliminating the need for audits by the Foundation. We are very excited to provide a new testing environment for SCORE developers looking to explore Java SCORE ahead of the ICON 2.0 launch.

Gangnam is now live so you can write codes and deploy them immediately. Please check below for more details and if you have any questions, join this chat and leave a message.

Network Environment

Below you can find the information for the testing environment. We launched the Gangnam network with Goloop version 0.9.3 first and will continue to update until the launching of the ICON 2.0. Note, the network can be reset unexpectedly for testing purposes.

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