Gasless Voting is Live on Bancor Governance

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  • You can now vote in Bancor governance at no cost via our new Snapshot-based voting portal
  • 17 new proposals are now live for 3 days of voting, including 14 proposals for new token white-listings
  • Users who do not have their vBNT currently staked in the governance contract must stake their vBNT in the next 48 hours in order to vote in the 17 live votes
  • You can stake your vBNT in the governance contract at:
  • Quorum requirements remain unchanged: token whitelists require 40% quorum with 66.7% of votes FOR; all other votes token whitelists require 20% quorum with 66.7% of votes FOR

The remainder of this post will cover how to stake vBNT and how to vote using Bancor’s new voting portal.

You can read more about the BancorDAO’s decision to switch to gasless voting via Snapshot.

The Current Backlog

There are 17 proposals in total for our Snapshot maiden’s voyage. These include proposals that were accumulating in anticipation of Snapshot’s release, and previously null DAO decisions that failed to reach quorum. As voting is now free — there is literally no excuse for a decision to fail due to lack of participation. If you support a proposal, vote FOR, if you wish to reject a proposal, vote AGAINST.

These proposals were collected and submitted for a DAO decision, with the Snapshot block set to ~48 hours into the future. This means that DAO members have 48 hours to stake vBNT in the governance contracts if they wish to vote for/against one of the 17 proposals. This is still done on Ethereum L1, via the vote tab in the app. Users can vote for as many proposals as they like — you don’t have to choose just one.

How to Vote

Warning: Don’t Get Phished! The link to the snapshot voting page is: ...

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