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What are Genesis Vision Funds?

Genesis Vision Funds are portfolios of multiple assets, gathered and chosen by the manager. In contrast to investment Programs, Funds don’t require active participation from a manager necessarily. The profit in GV Funds is achieved from the organic price growth of assets included in the fund, and not by trading activities of the manager.

To create a fund, you simply choose a number of assets and set their targets, which is an initial percentage allocation. The manager has complete control over the total weight of each asset in their portfolio. When you invest in a GV Fund, you purchase all the assets included in the fund in the defined proportions.

Once you decide to cash out, all of the purchased assets are sold according to the current market prices, resulting in either profit or loss based on the price difference.

How to create a Fund?

  1. Login to your account and head over to your Dashboard.
  2. Find the “Select product” button on the right.
  3. Choose “Fund”. The description can be seen there as well.
  4. Fill in the required fields: Fund name, description and logo.
  5. Add assets and set their allocations by percentage. Please note that there is a mandatory minimum of 1% GVT allocation per Fund.
  6. Set up your Entry and Exit fees for investors.
  7. Choose the currency and amount for the initial deposit. The minimal initial deposit is an equivalent of 50 GVT....

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