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Programs are similar to PAMM accounts. A trader has the opportunity to create an investment Program, where he sets the fees and the duration of the reporting period (up to a maximum of 90 days) along with other parameters. They have the option to trade crypto currency or forex markets with a view to earn profits for themselves and investors that may want to join them on their trading journey.

Programs are publicly available for investors to join. Each request will be processed at the beginning of each period. The manager trades with their own capital and investors’ as a cumulative balance. Any profits or losses that occur are equally distributed among the investors based on their share of the program.

How do I create a Program?

You will first need to create a private trading account. You can do this under the ‘Trade’ tab on the platform.

Once this is created, you can upgrade your private trading account to either: Program or Signal account (Follow).

Once your trading account is public and you can attract investments or followers.

Or you can click “Create Program” and immediately create a Program without first creating a trading account.

When creating a Program, the trader sets the following parameters used to process the results of their period:

  • Choosing the Broker. (Current brokers Genesis Markets, Roboforex, Exante, Huobi)
  • Base currency for their trading account
  • Name, Description and Avatar for this Program.
  • Period: Reporting periods can be set from 1–90 days
  • Stop out level: This can be set from 10–100% and is the maximum drawdown level for the reporting period. This is set to protect investors- in the event of it being triggered the Program is stopped, and all investments are return to investors.
  • Trades delay: Managers have the ability to delay their public display of their trades (5-30 ...

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