Genesis Vision Token (GVT) is now available on Kyber Network.

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Kyber Network sits amongst the leading decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges with its On-Chain Liquidity Protocol that powers instant and seamless inter-token transactions between platforms, ecosystems and other use cases. Its protocol can be integrated into any application to enable the exchange of tokens without the need for an intermediary.

We have always been impressed by the way Kyber is paving the way for DeFi with its liquidity infrastructure, which is being utilised by many projects around the world for their liquidity needs.

We know our community has been waiting some time for GVT to be listed on more exchanges, so here it is! We are thrilled to announce the official listing of the Genesis Vision Token (GVT) pairing with Ethereum (ETH) on Kyber Swap!

Convert tokens instantly and directly from your own hardware wallets, metamask and so on.

Learn how to buy and sell ERC20 tokens on Kyber Swap with their basic guide.

About the Genesis Vision Project

Genesis Vision is a multi-market social trading platform that provides a wide variety of opportunities for both traders and investors. Genesis Vision unlocks the complete social trading experience, as users can trade on any market, invest in the best performing managers and follow the most successful traders’ strategies. Users can create their own Fund or Asset Management Program.

You can learn more about each feature here.

The Genesis Vision Token

While we are on the subject, here is a brief rundown on how we currently use GVT within the Genesis Vision ecosystem:

  • GVT is an ERC-20 token.
  • The total supply of GVT is 4.4 Million, of which 99.9% is in circulation.
  • GVT is used for investment operations within the Genesis Vision platform....

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