Get Instant Capital For Your Busines

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Get Instant Capital For Your Business

Invoice finance is a simple, fast and flexible of getting the cash flow your business needs to grow.

Selling invoices to improve a company’s cash flow is becoming a popular business practice and a fast-growing funding solution. It is a common occurrence that businesses lack the cash needed in order to pay off day-to-day needs and overdue balances, such as buying stock or paying wages.

An influx of cash allows a business to cover all of their outstanding invoices and frees them up to focus on what is important such as a long term plan for growth or support for your business’ day-to-day needs, without having to worry about any outstanding debts.

With Populous World’s invoice finance platform, you can unlock the cash you need in just 24 hours. The platform is global, which means you, the invoice seller, can connect with global invoice buyers.

How It Works

1. Apply online at Populous World and get a quote.

2. You provide sale of goods or services to your customer.

3. Due diligence checks. Upon verification and risk assessment, provide the invoice(s) that you will be using.

4. Upload your invoice(s) onto our platform which then invites invoice buyers to bid on your invoice(s).

5. Receive funds. Once your invoices have been successfully placed and bid, you will receive the funds directly into your account within 24 hours.

6. Upon repayment. When your customer pays you, you then repay the invoice(s) by making a full payment to ‘Populous World’, less any fees....

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