Get involved in Supernode Program community testing now!

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Get involved in Supernode Program community testing now!

In March, the NEM community, supported by the NEM Group, launched a decentralized network called Symbol. NEM Symbol is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with an innovative tokenomics model that democratizes access to rewards for securing the network. The tokenomics model was accepted by the community in a binding on-chain vote, and part of that model includes a Supernode program.

The program could not be launched with the main chain launch, and work has been ongoing since launch to get it ready. That work is now nearing completion, and we have now released it for broader community involvement and testing on Testnet.

Supernode testing open call

The NEM Symbol Supernode Program is almost ready. After solving some issues, it has been tested in both the development and public Testnet environments. Alpha testing has passed — now it needs the community to help make sure that everything runs as it should in the varied environments of the real world!

We encourage all NEM community members who will be running nodes to enroll in the program on Testnet for a couple of weeks to complete more exhaustive testing and plan a launch date for Mainnet. We are making an open call for organizations and individuals to collaborate in this endeavor because the better the number and mix of testing scenarios/environments/setups involved with testing the nodes, the better the results will be for the program which will run on Mainnet for years.

Would you like to know more about participating in our open call for NEM Symbol Supernode community testing? Click here.

What are NEM Symbol Supernodes?

Since the NEM Symbol launch, our community has been keen to get knee-deep into keeping the network up by enrolling in the Supernode Program and running their own. It’s a great way to help support the NEM Symbol ...

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