GLM Rewards Program March Update!

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GLM Rewards Program March Update!

Another month of the Golem GLM Rewards Program is upon us and we’re excited to dive into it! We’ve had more activity on the Golem community BY FAR this month than any other month since the rewards program began so it was the most challenging month for us to follow all the activity and select winners of each category.

We want to promote as many ways as we can to get involved in the Golem project, even for non-developers. For example, in the rewards program for February we ran a bonus meme category. Even some of the more tech-y categories of the GLM Rewards Program don't necessarily require any developer experience if you follow the project closely.

If you are a developer though and you’re reading this, remember that you don’t need any blockchain-specific coding knowledge to get started in the Golem Mainnet Hackathon (Python or JavaScript is enough to begin). It’s been extended to run until the 21st of April. For resources to help you get started and to give you as much of an advantage as we’re able to give you to hopefully make the best application you can, check out the GitHub Digest #12 and the hackathon Knowledge Base.

GLM Rewards Program Spotlight- Decentralized Machine Learning on Golem (DeML)

While we plan to have lots of hackathons to get people started on building on Golem, we naturally also would love to see the projects continue to grow and live a life of their own in the ecosystem. We’re directly working with Golem Slate and ChessOnGolem to help them meet their needs. We’re also supporting Decentralized Machine Learning on Golem, another previous hackathon project, for the work to be continued.

At the beginning of the month, long time community member, Anshuman announced wanting to continue the project and ...

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