Golem Beta 1 – Mainnet Patch Release

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Golem Beta 1 - Mainnet Patch Release

Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce a minor update and patch to our recently-released Golem Beta 1 mainnet release. We just want to start out saying thank you to everyone in the community who has been giving feedback on running Golem so far.

With today’s release, we’re focusing on addressing the most important issues while also adding a couple of minor functionality updates. This version improves the stability and security of our product and should make running Golem smoother for both requestors and providers.

For those of you interested in a detailed list of fixes and improvements included, please have a look at the full changelogs for v0.6.2, with the latest patch (v0.6.3) mostly containing a fix for Debt Notes.

As usual in such cases, we wholeheartedly encourage you to grab the update and share any and all feedback with us on chat, Reddit and over email (contact@golem.network).

Upgrading Golem Beta - Yagna v0.6.3

Going from the first mainnet release (v0.6.1) to this release (v0.6.3) is as easy as running one command. After stopping Golem (with CTRL+C), simply run the quick installation and you’re good to go!


curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-provider | bash -



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