Golem Beta 1 Patch Release – v0.6.4

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Golem Beta 1 Patch Release - v0.6.4

Hello everyone! We’ve been working on Yagna Patch.3 and it's just out, code-named Edmund Gettier (see v0.6.4 on GitHub for the full changelog). This update improves stability and fixes some of the issues that the Golem community has reported. In the previous patch release we addressed of the most important issues encountered, with this release we’ve gone down the list and gotten more familiar with on-going issues to be able to address them in an improved way. Along with adding some new features!

This release is completely backwards compatible with all previous mainnet releases. It contains a number of improvements and reduces sensitivity to network issues with some of the improvements in the upgrade to v0.4.4 of the GSB (covered in the latest GitHub Digest #13).

In parallel, we’ve also created new releases for the Yagna Python and JavaScript APIs, Yapapi v0.5.3 and Yajsapi v0.3.3 which include a new feature for integration tests using Goth (Golem Test Harness). This feature will make both the lives of developers building on Golem and the Golem Factory developers building Golem itself easier. Feel free to click on the releases to view the full changelogs.

Upgrading Golem Beta - Yagna v0.6.4

Going from the previous Beta releases or release candidates to this release (v0.6.4) involves only running one command and is the same as the last patch. After stopping Golem / Yagna (with CTRL+C), simply run the quick installation and you’re good to go!



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