Golem Bug Bounty Competition—Yagna edition

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Golem Bug Bounty Competition—Yagna edition

Golem Factory GmbH has created a new implementation of the Golem Network. We’re introducing a Bug Bounty for the Golem Network implementation—Yagna.

Keep in mind that some reports might not fall within the criteria to be included in this Bug Bounty. For general feedback, we also have the GLM Rewards Program with the Feedback category.

A. Introduction

We invite our community to join our Yagna Bug Bounty Competition (the “Competition”). Please have a look at the content below before starting your hunt.

The individual reward for which an accepted bounty qualifies will depend upon the amount and quality of all bounties submitted and accepted into the Competition. The bounty pool will be available until June 30th, 2021.

For each bounty application, you will need to submit a separate application via email (contact@golem.network with the subject “BUG BOUNTY REPORT”). The form is simple, quick to complete, and will assist us in determining the fairest way to distribute the rewards (see appendix 1).

By submitting a bounty application, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein. We have prepared some examples, so please keep them in mind when considering to participate in the bug bounty that these examples are along the lines of a submission (section E).

B. Bug Categories

Golem Bug Bounty Competition is focused on a wide variety of issues related to the overall security of Golem, in particular (but not limited to) functioning of the Yagna application and the network protocol. For more specifics, please see Section 2: Other variables, Quality of reproducibility.

Please note that the Bug Bounty competition is only subjected to SECURITY BUGS. As well as, the website (https://golem.network/), local host attacks, Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks and DDoS attacks aren’t covered by this bug bounty.

C. General Rules

  • Issues that ...

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