Golem GitHub Digest #14: Towards the next major release

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What’s in store for this Digest?

Golem GitHub Digest #14: Towards the next major release

Hi everyone, welcome to GitHub Digest #14. Since the previous GitHub Digest (#13) we’ve had a number of patch releases. We also concluded the mainnet hackathon and are just about to wrap up 0xHack.

For this GitHub Digest we’ll be covering the work on services and what can be expected for the next major release.

So, what’s in the Golem GitHub?

Since the first Beta and mainnet release of Golem (Yagna), we’ve been working in parallel on:

  1. Patching the release to improve its stability, performance and address some issues that didn’t require backwards compatibility to break. With the latest patch, 0.6.7, we’re at a point of the 0.6.X releases that’s quite stable and a huge list of improvements over the first release.
  2. Working towards the next major release, 0.7.0 and some interesting things to coincide (services!).

As some of the community has noticed, release candidates have been coming out recently for 0.7.0. These aren’t recommended to run for two reasons, they’re unstable and parts aren’t backwards compatible with 0.6.X. This means that tasks will potentially fail and there could be some unexpected behaviour if it’s run and nodes on the two non-compatible releases try to communicate. Until the 0.7....

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