Golem GitHub Digest #7: Decentralization of the New Golem marketplace

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What’s in store for this Digest?

Golem GitHub Digest #7: Decentralization of the New Golem marketplace

New month, new exciting tech to share! Last week, we released the Golem Update - September 2020 covering some exciting information of what we’ve been up to and what we’re looking forward to with the upcoming Alpha 2 release. In this new edition of the Github Digest, we’ll primarily be focusing on what our decentralized implementation of the marketplace will be and its progress on a technical level. We’ll also be diving into some of the interesting releases from the Yagna related repository, i.e. development relevant to New Golem.

Also before we dive in, don’t forget that our Community Incentives Program (CIP) is ongoing and we want to reward more community members, and keep growing it! There are many ways to participate + get rewarded, such as helping other users, sharing relevant content that you feel might interest the community, and even having fun with memes.

We’ll announce the September CIP winners shortly.

So, what’s in the Golem GitHub?

One very important aspect of Golem is the ability for nodes on the Golem network to interact in a peer-to-peer (P2P) manner. In the first Alpha reveal released a bit more than a month ago, some aspects of the network are P2P while others are not.

One of the best and most notable things about how New Golem is being built is that it’s very modular, meaning that we can easily swap in and out various components in order to upgrade them, or expand functionalities in a much easier way than in Clay.

Till now, the marketplace within New Golem has been centralized, meaning that in the first alpha the nodes are reliant on us for their marketplace specific communication. Naturally, this isn’t a desirable feature for a decentralized network and was only a ...

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