Golem Mainnet Hackathon Highlights

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Golem Mainnet Hackathon Highlights

We've wrapped up the Golem + Gitcoin GR9 Hackathon. It was great to watch live while the developers in the community got involved and helped one another. The result is some very exciting work and set of winners. With this blogpost we hope to further highlight some of these applications and how they contribute to the Golem ecosystem.


WSL by r34x (R4X) is a submission that allows Windows users to run Golem within the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Removing the requirement of needing to use a Virtual Machine. This was presented by the creator during the Show & Tell.

Automatic Golem

R4X also worked on Automatic Golem which was also showcased in part of the WSL Show & Tell. While this submission didn’t go into the winners slot, it’s still a very valuable submission to the Golem community. What’s awesome about Automatic Golem is that it will guide you through steps that you might otherwise need to do manually, asking you along the way what actions you would like to take such as; installing SSH and enabling it on port 22, installing the Golem Provider node, add the provider process as a service, adding monitoring, and restart the Golem provider if errors are thrown. Automatic Golem is essentially a quality-of-life package and set of scripts to help you have a nice experience running as a Golem Provider.

HearthStone On Golem

HSOG-requester is HearthStone On Golem. This application helps the HearthStone community in the design and building of decks by running a large number of simulated games on the Golem Network. This was an imaginative idea that really suits being run on Golem. Chris joined the Show & Tell to present his HearthStone deck design and building tool during the Show & Tell.

Photogrammetry (3D scanning) on Golem

Golem Photogrammetry ...

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