Golem SLATE and Chess on Golem are now on mainnet!

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Golem SLATE and Chess on Golem are now on mainnet!

In the past month we announced that, in order to validate the MVP of Golem’s yagna implementation, we had selected two community-built applications that were created during the December hackathon to be ported to mainnet.

Golem Factory GmbH is supporting the developers of both applications both with feedback and funding, however, it’s important to know the builders have worked and decided their own roadmaps. We are all very pleased with the results and the developers of both applications have prepared demo videos in order to show their progress.


Golem SLATE and Chess on Golem are now on mainnet!

Golem SLATE was one of the big winners of the December Hackathon. The team is formed by Doc and Shumagorath, two super talented developers.

SLATE is a codepen-like application for creating work requests in the Golem Network. What does this all mean? Through this easy-to-use application, you can write your own code, create images and send requests for computation to the network.

Use Golem SLATE

Watch the video demo here

We selected Golem SLATE to be ported to mainnet as not only it is very easy to use (and looks very slick) but also because in order to build a strong developer community and Golem Network ecosystem, we need to be mindful of stewarding proper tooling that facilitates onboarding from all levels, such as SLATE.

Chess on Golem

This classic game of Chess is one of the stars of our Discord channel! Our community is having a blast playing against chess against the Golem Network and can’t get enough of it.

Dev Warburg has been adding features and improvements non-stop since he won the Gaming on Golem category of the Gitcoin Golem Hackathon in December. He’s created as well, a super entertaining video explaining his craft.

Join the fun and play chess against the Golem Network: https://chessongolem.app
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