Good Day, Britain! Everex Wallet Launches Services for UK Users.

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We are excited to announce that we have now made it to the UK!

This means that British users, or those with bank accounts in the UK, can now

  • send money to and from Thailand and Myanmar and other supported countries using newly added GBC token, with the total process usually taking only a few hours;
  • get direct access to global cryptocurrency exchanges via Everex’s supported stablecoins and digital assets such as DAI, USDC, and EVX;
  • get direct access to Decentralized FInance (DeFi) markets to earn higher interest rates and get access to capital via decentralized lending protocols.

This is undoubtedly a significant development given the number of British users living abroad, with around 55,000 currently based in Thailand and another 1.3 million in the United States. And it’s on top of the 71 million trips around the world in 2018 made by business executives, expats, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, travelers, digital nomads, and students from Great Britain. Many of them are permanently based outside the UK and require fast and convenient ways of accessing their cash in order to obtain other fiat currencies.

With instant UK local transfers, British Pound is now converted free of charge to a Pound Sterling GBC token. This not only ensures that the users’ funds are accessible to them at any time, but also prevents exposure to exchange rate risk given that the token value is equal to its fiat equivalent.

This service can also be used for reverse transfers back to the UK and supports other fiat currencies, including USD, Euro and Thai Baht.

“DeFi”nitely a step up

Everex also provides users in the UK with the access to the autonomous lending protocols (DeFi) that facilitate fiat-backed stablecoin loans. They will be able to purchase stablecoins such as DAI or USDC using their bank account, contribute to the lending pool, ...

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