Guide: Cross-chain Polkadot transfers (Testnet)

1. Overview

This guide uses Polkadot’s Westend testnet which uses a native token called WND. WND can be transferred cross-chain Westend to Wanchain’s testnet. The mapped token is called wanWND.

2. Supported WanBridges

At present, there are multiple WanBridges that support cross-chain transfers of WND including Polkadot (Westend), Wanchain (testnet) and Ethereum (Rinkeby).

3. Preparation

a) Install the Polkadot Wallet Chrome extension: polkadot{.js} extension


After installation, the default address format (Substrate) is the Westend address.

b) Install WanMask

WanMask URL:

c) Get test WND tokens

Apply for an account and enter the Westend Faucet Chatroom.


Post idrip <WESTEND_ADDRESS> in the chat box.

d) Other necessary tools

Westend Explorer:

Wanchain testnet explorer: https://testnet.wanscan....

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