Guide: Staking WAN with Wanchain

Guide: Staking WAN with the Wanchain Desktop Wallet

Please note: This article is may be periodically updated as new WAN staking options become available.

Wanchain staking options

Wanchain offers users an amazingly simple way to earn rewards by staking their WAN using the Wanchain Wallet! There are two extremely safe and reliable staking options available to all users: Galaxy PoS Validator node delegation and Storeman node delegation. This guide will cover how to stake WAN using the Wanchain Desktop Wallet and help you get familiarised with your staking options. Enjoy!

But first…install the Wanchain Desktop Wallet!

Before taking your WAN, first install the Wanchain Desktop Wallet. The Wanchain Desktop Wallet can be downloaded on the official Wanchain Website under the “PRODUCTS” tab. Other wallets — including the Offline and Mobile Wallets — can also be downloaded here. These will be covered in a separate guide.

Download the appropriate version of the Wanchain Desktop Wallet wallet for your system.

Select the appropriate wallet for your system.

After setting up your wallet and securing your password and private key, you’ll be taken to the wallet’s homepage as seen below. Now would be a good time to deposit any WAN you have into your wallet.

Staking option 1: Galaxy PoS Validator node delegation

It’s time to stake your WAN

To stake your WAN, locate “Galaxy PoS” on the left side panel and select “Delegation,” as seen above.

The “Select a Validator” drop-down list provides a plethora of different validators you can stake with. You might find it useful to click the “more info” text found immediately to the right of the “Select a Validator” prompt for details on each validator.

Under “My Account”, click the “Select a FROM address” drop-down tab and pick the address you wish to stake from.

After selecting your desired address, enter an amount you wish to stake.

After inputting your desired staking amount, ...

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