gWebinars: Golem Test Harness (Goth), Hackathon 101 and Q&A session

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gWebinars: Golem Test Harness (Goth), Hackathon 101 and Q&A session

We’re excited to share the Golem Test Harness (Goth), a tool which the yagna integrations team from Golem have been working on for the last couple months. Goth has the purpose of speeding up your development process and making it more enjoyable, as a Golem app creator.

Kuba Mazurek from the Golem integrations team introduces Golem Test Harness (Goth)!

There are three main categories of problems being solved with the Golem Test Harness:

  1. Limited debugging information. This is a challenge related to the network being decentralized and P2P. Since providers make their own decisions on whether or not to store logs locally it becomes difficult to have them to provide more than the minimum logs (e.g. `stdout` and `stderr`) showing specifics on why they might be having an issue with a particular requestors task. This in turn makes it a challenge for the requestor to get information on why their task failed to compute. The Goth solves this problem.
  2. Unavailability in the Golem Network. Sometimes the network may not have enough providers to keep up with task/requestor demand, this can be particularly true on a testing network where requestors have 0-cost for testing their applications. If there are multiple requestors testing at the same time it can naturally cause congestion. The Goth solves this problem.
  3. Unreliable provider connection and task computation speed. It can happen that a requestor sends out a task to a provider that has unusually slow network connection or is providing very little resources which will cause the requestors task to take a long time. The testing network has a timeout period of 30 minutes for a task to mitigate a singular requestor—most likely unintentionally—locking up the test network. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem the same way in a mainnet ...

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