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GXChain Progress Report Aug.10-Aug.16

Product development progress

-The document is completed and announced soon
-gxchain contract under development
-eth contract under development

-Determine the smallest available product and integrate with GXC-Relay to provide data for GXChain and the cross-chain contract on Ethereum

-Internal discussion is completed, the document is being written, and will be announced soon
-Contract code under development

Operational progress

-Binance launched the GXS/USDT and GXS/BTC leveraged trading pairs, which supporting 5x leveraged buy and sell two-way trading, and also launched a 7-day interest-free event. During the event, borrowing GXS can enjoy 0 interest discounts. GXS is the name of GXC in Binance, and transfers and transactions are not affected in any way. For details of the event, please refer to Binance’s official announcement.

-Huobi Exchange launched GXC/USDT Margin Trading Pair yesterday. GXC Margin Margin Trading Address: https://www.huobi.fm/zh-cn/margin/gxc_usdt/

-On August 14th, with PANews and Bilang, an AMA event with the theme of “Classical Unpredictable Trusted Computing + DeFi Seeing How GXChain’s First Dual Engine Shapes the Future” was held in the GXChain community. During the event, Mr. Huang gave a detailed introduction The future development and direction of GXB. Event prizes have also been distributed today.

-The first session of the panellist committee has been changed, and a total of four community proposals were processed last week, one of which will be submitted to the committee for review.

-Panelist Ned’s budget for the voting data monitoring development proposal has been released

-GXChain overseas community “Event Building” invitation activity is underway. #DeFiPoweredByGXChain is officially launched. GXChain fans from many countries are continuing to join, and the community atmosphere is warm. Up to now, the number of participants has exceeded 7000+ people from nearly 20 countries

Brand work progress

  • On August 11, GXB founder Huang Minqiang was ...

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