GXChain Progress Report Aug.17-Aug.23

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Product development progress

GXC-Relay (cross-chain relay):
-GXChain contract development is completed, adjustment and optimization are in progress
-ETH contract development is completed, adjustment and optimization are in progress
-The document has been released and is being adjusted and optimized
-Contract auditing

GXC-Oracle (Oracle):
-The first version will provide GXC-Relay with cross-chain data services, and will be launched simultaneously with GXC-Relay, under development

GXC-Swap (flash swap):
-Internal discussion is completed, the document is being written, and will be announced soon
-Contract code, the first version is developed

Operational progress

-At 20:00, August 21, Hong Kong time, Minqiang Huang, the founder and CEO of GXChain, held an AMA with the theme of “GXChain-5-Year DeFi Track “New” Player in the Financial & Data Field” in the Huobi Overseas Community Community , Answered questions about the new chapter of GXChain, GXC-Relay, StableCoin, oracle, etc. that the users of Huobi’s overseas community are concerned about. The atmosphere of the audience was enthusiastic and the community responded well.

-Golff, a one-stop crypto bank for the DeFi project invested by GXChain, was announced at 20:00 last night. Golff is a one-stop crypto bank, committed to creating a lightweight, open and free financial world.

-GXChain participated in the online voting activity “Finding OFC’s Hottest Open Finance List” co-sponsored by Lianwen and others

-Panelist Shi Nan’s proposal on the launch of the small black house was approved by the board of directors, and relevant awards were issued at the same time

  • GXChain’s overseas community “Event Building” invitation activity lasted until the third week. #DeFiPoweredByGXChain was officially launched. GXChain enthusiasts from many countries are continuing to join, and the community atmosphere is warm. So far, the cumulative number of participants has exceeded 9000+

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