GXChain Progress Report Aug.3-Aug.9

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Product development progress

-Updated total supply
-Fix the security prompt of dependabot security

-Proposal approval function has been released to the testnet
-Optimize page display and user interaction

Operational progress

-The first step of GXChain’s new chapter-oracle! Cross-chain! It was announced yesterday. GXChain’s oracle machine can bring richer data dimensions and gameplay to the DeFi field. The GXC-Relay cross-chain relay allows GXC token holders to seamlessly link any ecological hot spots and absorb more valuable users, developers and assets for the GXChain ecosystem. Stay tuned, the new GXChain

-GXChain overseas community “Event Building” invitation event is online, #DeFiPoweredByGXChain is officially launched, GXChain fans from many countries are continuing to join, and the community atmosphere is enthusiastic. The event is still in progress, welcome new and old supporters of GXChain at home and abroad to join

-SUNY Labs project landing and cooperation in progress

-The Council of Councilors has passed Ned’s proposal on the development of node voting data monitoring, and the relevant budget will be released in the near future.

-GXChain overseas team and Revain rating community reached a cooperation intention

Branding Progress

-On August 6, Huang Minqiang, the founder of GXChain, was invited to participate in the “2020 Cointelegraph Chinese Greater Bay Area Block Week” event, and published his comments on the current public chain in the roundtable forum of “The Road to the Third Generation of Public Chain Technology” Views and prospects

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Global Community

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🇹🇷Türkçe (Turkey (...

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