GXChain Progress Report Aug.31-Sept.6

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Product development progress

GXC-Relay (cross-chain relay):
-GXChain contract has been developed and released, contract account: gxc-relay-contract
-ETH contract development, has been released, contract address: 0x2e93FE8d550a7B7E7b2e561cd45ceBccbAa79358
-Contract audit, 3 audit companies have provided audit reports in both Chinese and English
-Project address (including source code, documentation, audit report): https://github.com/gxchain/gxc-relay
-Online address: https://relay.gxchain.org

GXC-Oracle (Oracle):
-The first version is online, providing cross-chain data services for GXC-Relay

GXC-Swap (flash swap):
-Internal discussion is completed, the document is being written, and will be announced soon
-Contract code, the development of the first version is completed, adjustment and optimization are in progress

Operational progress

-Han Xin’s proposal on decentralization of the management of the panel has been passed by the committee, and the specific implementation is in progress

-New progress has been made in the construction of GXChain overseas communities, with the addition of the GXChain Norwegian community. Local blockchain enthusiasts are constantly joining GXChain, and the community atmosphere is active.

-GXC launched the UniSwap platform yesterday, supporting all DeFi products in the Ethereum ecosystem. It is now possible to directly trade ETH/GXC trading pairs on UniSwap. For UniSwap trading tutorial, please click on the end article to view.

-The “GXC-Relay cross-chain Q&A group” has been established. If you have any questions about cross-chain, please add the secretary WeChat (gxb-io12) for group consultation. To

Brand work progress

-GXChain founder MQ Huang was invited to participate in the 29th Wandian chat hosted by Blocklike on September 30, 2020, and made an AMA with the theme of Defi+GXChain2.0=Public Chain 「Evolution」.

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