GXChain Progress Report Dec.28-Jan.3

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Product development progress

-Optimize the key encryption and use logic @complete
-Transfer function @complete
-Staking module @40%

-p2p module @complete
-vm module, integrated evm @complete
-Cryptography module, add common cryptography algorithms @50%
-Optimize block synchronization logic, Pending transaction synchronization logic @complete
-RPC module, compatible with Ethereum protocol @70%

Operational progress

  • The four major Christmas events have officially ended, and the list of winners was announced in the public account article yesterday. In this topic activity, many users have ideas about the combination of GXChain and NFT. We also sent a limited edition GXChain NFT to outstanding speakers. A total of 50 NFTs were issued this time. This type of NFT will no longer appear in future events, only 50. Event rewards are currently being counted. After the statistics are completed, they will be sent to your wallet accounts. Please pay attention to it.
  • The South Korean Twitter Christmas event has ended. During the event, South Korean users asked a lot of questions, showing their enthusiasm and concern for GXChain. There are a total of 1000+ participants in this event. Event rewards will be issued on January 8. Please pay attention to it.

Brand work progress

He Jiaxin, deputy head of Xihu District, Hangzhou, led the district finance office, district science and technology bureau, district investment promotion bureau, district enterprise service center, district government office, and Xixi Street to visit GXChain

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