GXChain Progress Report Jan.18-Jan.24

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Product development progress

-New NFT module @80%

-NFT module: Based on the ERC721 protocol, it supports the mint, burn, transfer and other operations of NFT

-RPC module, compatible with Ethereum protocol @90%
-Trading pool module @80%

Operational progress

  • GXChain settled in the overseas content social media platform Holdex and opened a homepage. The platform has the functions of knowledge sharing and community building. All content publishers can ask questions and find their own answers. Many well-known projects in the encryption ecosystem have already settled. GXChain will continue to expand its voice in various channels at home and abroad.
  • Christmas event 50 limited NFT” and “transaction volume exceeded 100 million NFT” have been sent to the user’s wallet account, the user who previously won the prize can check in their own public trust chain wallet. The new version of the public trust chain wallet has a new NFT section, and the received NFT can be directly displayed in the wallet, and direct transfer is supported.
  • The GXChain African community organized the sixth round of online conference on January 21. Participants were opinion leaders and community representatives in the local cryptocurrency market in Africa. All parties discussed the development of GXChain in Africa. The proposal on the global development of GXChain and the next plan and arrangement.

Brand work progress

  • GXChain won the “PARTY AWARD 2020” and PANews annual data festival public chain category, the most dynamic public chain of the year.

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