GXChain Progress Report Jan.4-Jan.10

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Product development progress

-Improve signature module interaction @complete

-Contract code @complete
-Mobile wallet user interface @complete
-Code Review @complete

-Logic transformation of block structure, transaction structure, EVM module, runBlock, etc. @complete
-RPC module, compatible with Ethereum protocol @75%

Operational progress

  • The Christmas event rewards have been sent out one after another last week, with a total of 920 GXC distributed. Please check your wallet account for the winners. The NFT in the event is currently still in the development stage. After the development is completed, it will be sent to your wallet address one after another, and you will be notified in time.
  • South Korea Twitter Christmas event rewards were distributed on January 9, with a total of 1400GXC+ 0.001BTC. Please check your wallet account for the winning partner.

Brand work progress

  • McQueen (MQ) Huang , the founder of Gongxinbao, won the “Top 100 Blockchain Influential People” award in Chinese by Cointelegraph.

Find Us

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Global Community

🇷🇺Pусский (Russia (https://t.me/GXChain_Rus))
🇵🇭Philippines (https://t.me/GXChainPhilippines)
🇯🇵日本語(Japan (https://t.me/GXChainJapanese))
🇰🇷Korea (https://t.me/gxchainkorean)
🇪🇸Español (Spain (https://t.me/GXChainhispano))
🇮🇩Indonesia (https://t.me/GXChain_Indonesia)
🇻🇳Tiếng Việt (Vietnam (https://t.me/GXChainVietNamese))
🇱🇰-ශ්‍රි ලංකාව (Srilanka (https://t.me/gxchainsrilanka))
🇳🇬Africa (https://t.me/GXChainAfrica)
🇹🇷Türkçe (Turkey (https://t....

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