GXChain Progress Report March.29-April.4

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Product development progress

-Message subscription module development, support subscription/filtering logs and block headers via websocket @complete

gxchain2.0 block explorer:
-Frame construction @complete
-Homepage @60%
-Transaction Inquiry @Development
-Block query @Development
-Account query @Development

Operational progress

  • The Arc Light Project Group has been established. As of now, there are 158 followers in the community. We will conduct a few days of assessment and kick out some unqualified followers. Therefore, the official dynamic status NFT will be assessed in the later period. Distribute after the event.
  • The “Arc Light · First Light” community camping activity ended last week. 158 followers introduced themselves in the community, and also launched a rewarded answering and sharing session. The community is now very harmonious. In addition, the community essay contest will also start soon, so stay tuned for specific details.

Find Us

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Global Community

🇷🇺Pусский (Russia (https://t.me/GXChain_Rus))
🇵🇭Philippines (https://t.me/GXChainPhilippines)
🇯🇵日本語(Japan (https://t.me/GXChainJapanese))
🇰🇷Korea (https://t.me/gxchainkorean)
🇪🇸Español (Spain (https://t.me/GXChainhispano))
🇮🇩Indonesia (https://t.me/GXChain_Indonesia)
🇻🇳Tiếng Việt (Vietnam (https://t.me/GXChainVietNamese))
🇱🇰-ශ්‍රි ලංකාව (Srilanka (https://t.me/gxchainsrilanka))
🇳🇬Africa (https://t.me/GXChainAfrica)
🇹🇷Türkçe (Turkey (https://t.me/GXChainTurkey))

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